Liz In Uganda

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Uganda is a relatively small landlocked country located almost in the centre of Africa on the northwest shore of Lake Victoria. It straddles the equator and is bordered in the east by Kenya, Sudan in the north, Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC- (previously Zaire) in the west and Rwanda and Tanzania in the south. Most of the country lies at an altitude of between 900 m and 1500 m thus giving Uganda a pleasant climate varying very little throughout the year with an average temperature of around 26 degrees Celsius. Lake Victoria generates its own weather pattern resulting in an annual rainfall of 700 mm around Kampala.

Uganda offers a variety of contrasting scenery - rivers, mountains, rainforests and lakes. In most part, land is rich and fertile with most of the country being given over to agriculture, which accounts for 46 % of GDP. The main cash crop is coffee with tea and sugar also being important commodities.

Although Uganda is among the poorest countries in the world, it has a GDP per capita of $282 (1995) which is ahead of its East African neighbours, and the economic growth rate currently stands at 8,5 %. The effects of the long civil war are still felt by many but there is an atmosphere of optimism as the country starts to redevelop.


Map of Uganda

Map of Uganda

Kabale is in the south west corner close to the Rwandan border; our area includes Kisoro and Rukengiri (Kanungu is not on this map)

Ntungamo is at the road junction between Mbarara and Kabale and about 5 hours from Kampala (but not shown on this map).

Masaka is about 135k, or 2 hours, from Kampala going west towards Mbarara.


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