Liz In Uganda

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ACCUAnti-corruption Coalition Uganda - a national NGO
 ACWAnti-corruption Week - a national annual event at the end of October
AmberVSO volunteer based outside Ntungamo. Special Needs teacher doing teacher training, returned Sep 07
AnkoleRegion in south west Uganda comprising Ntungamo, Bushenyi and Mbarara.
A local breed of cattle easily identified by their long pointed horns (photo)
AnneEx-VSO volunteer who decided to stay in Uganda. Teacher at Rainbow International School Kampala, plus weekend home in Masaka. My best travelling companion!
ApolloCarpentry tutor and Deputy Centre Manager at MVRC - and all round good bloke
ArjanVSO volunteer from Accenture (short term) working for SWUAC (now KICK) and SWUACA in Kabale and Ntungamo respectively (returned August 2006)
 AskariA guard or night guard
BeatriceAdministrative Officer at NWESE
 BenOur elder son, taking up a 2 year teaching post in Kampala in August 2006
Bessie/BertieAnne's adorable kitten
Bonzo 'My' adorable dog, now living in Masaka
BrentSociologist working with MRC (see Ros) and Anne's neighbour in Masaka
CalebPronounced 'Kareb' - Head of Secretariat at KICK
CBOCommunity Based Organisation - a 'charity' registered at local level
 CharlesAskari at my Kabale house
 CheskaMaid at my Kabale houses
 CHOGMCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
CSOCivil Society Organisation - a general term to cover NGOs, CBOs, faith based and other not-for-profit organisations
DanidaDanish International Development Agency
David KSecretariat (or office manager) for Ntungamo NGOs/CBOs Forum
 DemissAskari's son and helper in Kabale
 DianahAccounts clerk for Kick
 DRCDemocratic Republic of Congo (previously Zaire)
E FEdVSO volunteer in Kenya (Sep 04-Sep 06)
 ErnstVSO volunteer in Kabale (June 06, from Denmark)
Felix Ex-VSO volunteer, German, Accenture, shared house with Phil, Heather and Ros in Kampala. Returned June 06
 FoMVRCFriends of MVRC the Uganda end registered as a Community Organisation in Masaka. Also FoMVRC(UK), the UK based Trust
 FredVSOU Programme manager from early 2007
 FroukeVSO volunteer via Ronstadt, Holland, working in a health centre in Ruhaama, 25k outside Ntungamo town, returned 07
GB - GonzagaVSO Program Officer following Johann (for my placement in Ntungamo)
Glorious (Glory)Girl or maid at my house in Ntungamo
Heather and PhilVSO volunteers based in Kampala, my Kampala hotel! Heather is a Special Needs teacher doing teacher training. Phil is a manager supporting Uganda Conservation returned Feb 07
 IATMInternational Anti-corruption Theatre Movement - brilliant street drama, full audience participation!
 IGGInspector General of Government - charged with investigating and prosecuting corruption cases.
JasperACCU Field manager (resigned). ACCU Co-ordinstor from Nov 07
Jenny (Jenkins)Ex VSO Volunteer and CAB money adviser, worked for USDC Feb 2005 - June 2006
Johann(Ex) VSO Programme Officer responsible for my job in Ntungamo (left March 2006)
John BoscoSecretary of MADIPA, Masaka and good friend (wheelchair bound).
Joseph Founder member of NWESE, now resigned
Julia and RonVSO volunteer, librarian, Kampala, and partner. Returned Feb 06
KabaleFrontier town 6-7 hours from Kampala, close to Rwandan border, site of my third placement
 KATMKigezi Anti-corruption Theatre Movement (arose from IATM training)
 KedressSecretary and general helper at Kick
KICKKick Corruption out of Kigezi - previously SWUAC
KigeziSouth western corner of Uganda, made up of Kabale, Kisoro, Kanunga and Rukungiri Districts. Borders Rwanda and DRC. Richly endowed with national parks and beautiful scenery.
 KristenVSO Canada volunteer (Oct 07)
MADIPAMasaka Disabled Person's Association - started in 2002 by students graduating from MVRC. They have small premises in Masaka town making and repairing mainly metalwork and leatherwork items. Informal capacity building work in association with MVRC.
MariaVSO volunteer who replaced me as Computer Studies tutor at MVRC, returned Nov 07
 MarinaAdviser to ACCU (Danish, seconded from MS Uganda, a national NGO)
 MasakaTown about 2 hours west of Kampala, site of my first placement
 MatatuAlso called a taxi in Uganda. Small bus about the size of a dormobile with about 14 seats + conductor and driver (although often carrying many more!)
 MbararaTown about 4 hours west of Kampala, with University and Medical School
 MDCMasaka District Council
MeganMyf's daughter (Anne's grand-daughter)
 MonVSO volunteer in Kabale (Feb 07, from Philippines)
MosesShamba boy or gardener at my house in Ntungamo
MVRCMasaka Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre - run by a partnership of USDC and Masaka District Council. A residential training centre offering training in Leatherwork, Carpentry, Printing & Knitting and Computer skills to young people with a disability
Myf Anne's daughter
NGONon-Governmental Organisation - or Charity in UK parlance - registered at national level. Also as in UK, many are Companies limited by guarantee. (But there is no equivalent of Charities Commission)
 NPNational Park
 NtungamoSmall town about 5 hours west of Kampala, site of my second placement
 Ntungamo NGOs/CBOs ForumUmbrella network of CSOs in Ntungamo District. My second placement from January to August 2006
NWESENtungamo Women's Efforts to Save the Environment, based in Ntungamo, growing lemon grass to prevent soil erosion, producing lemon grass oil and products using the oil. Informal work for me, mainly for computer support while awaiting a replacement VSO volunteer.
PaulOur younger son, resident in UK
Phil and HeatherVSO volunteers based in Kampala, my Kampala hotel! Heather is a Special Needs teacher doing teacher training. Phil is a manager supporting Uganda Conservation Fund, returned Feb 07
RRISKRainbow International School Kampala - Students come from may countries including Uganda, ranging from nursery to A level and studying on an English curriculum (IGCSE)
RohiniVSO Volunteer, marketing, Kampala, returned April 06.
RosMedical doctor doing HIV/Aids research for MRC(UK) in Masaka, main office in Entebbe; homes in Masaka and Kampala. Returned 07
RoseJoseph's wife and also runs Kiruhura restaurant (the Milk Bar) in Ntungamo
RutaVSO volunteer from Shell (short term) working at NWESE in Ntungamo (left April 2006)
SSarah A Co-ordinator at Kick, Oct 07
Sarah BVSO Volunteer, speech therapist, Kampala
Sarah KVSO Programme Officer responsible for my job in Masaka
 SCOULSugar Corporation of Uganda Ltd, owned by the Mehta family. 'Given' a large chunk of Mabira forest
 Self driveConfusingly, a car and driver for exclusive use of hirer, like a mini-cab in UK terms. Often cheaper than renting a car and driving it yourself.
 SpecialA saloon car used as a communal taxi (often overloaded!)
SWUACSouth Western Uganda Anti-corruption Coalition Kigezi - now renamed KICK
SWUACASouth Western Uganda Anti-corruption Coalition Ankole
TaxiSee Matatu
 TIAThis is Africa!
TimothyField officer for USDC and Manager of MVRC in Masaka
 TulanNet Corps volunteer in Kabale (Feb 07) (from Canada)
UDNUganda Debt Network. Initially set up to advocate on debt relief now involved in many aspects of good governance and accountability including anti-corruption
 UPEUniversal Primary Education - P1 to P7, from about age 6-13 but pupils progress on merit not age, some pupils are much older. UPE is 'free', but pupils may have to pay for uniform, pencils, paper and other items. Secondary education, S1-4 = GCSE, S5-6 = A level, usually paid for but USE started 2007
USDCUganda Society for Disabled Children - an NGO started in the UK now run in Uganda with a UK fund raising arm. Runs MVRC in partnership with District council.
VincentChair of Ntungamo NGOs/CBOs Forum and SWUACA (and many others CSOs)
Warren Co-ordinator of KICK to Jul 07, and all round fixer



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